Innovation is what has made the growth of society as we know it today. At the beginning of the 20th century, one of the main evils that existed on planet earth were stomach problems. The Durban Quesada brothers were well aware of this problem and began to investigate his pharmacy a remedy for this disease.

After years of research in 1923 they gave with the key and created a product that almost a century Afterwards, it continues to be a reference in antidiarrheals, Tanagel. This medicine is the origin of Laboratorios Francisco Durbán and continues to be made celebrate the company almost a century in its own way different from understanding pharmacy and detecting different problems that existed in human health and alleviate it.

Throughout the 20th century, Laboratorios Francisco Durbán was positioning itself as one of the great pharmaceutical companies on the Spanish national scene and was opened through an internationalization strategy to each of the continents that They make up the globe. Today, Laboratorios Francisco Durbán has managed to delve into in more than thirty countries in Europe, Africa and points of South America and Asia, such as Mexico or Vietnam.

After all the experience gained in these almost one hundred years of history obtaining solutions for improve the quality of human life Laboratories Durbán has gone one step further and has conscientiously committed to carrying out this same process with each of the plants that make up the globe terrestrial

Through its innovation department, the company has opted for bioscience and propose nutritional solutions for each of the physiological processes that make up the metabolic process of plant. Always through respect for the environment and through the creation of value in each of the productive processes that make up the process. from the moment the formulation is made until the nutrient solution reaches the farmers.


One of the great advantages that Laboratorios Durbán Agroline has is the know-how of the production process of the pharmaceutical industry. This process begins with the detection of needs by the agronomic department, in which the problems faced by the farmer are explained.

Once this process called F1 is completed, we would move on to phase number two in which the team of pharmacists begins the product development period following the formulation techniques of the pharmaceutical industry. When F2 comes to an end, it moves to the chemical department with the objective of carrying out product stability and solubility tests. Once the formulation process is completed, phase E of the crop begins, taking the product to the field. In the EI phase, the product is subjected to extremely controlled situations in the seedbed.

In this process, the plant is induced to stress or extreme situations to see the reaction of the products. If this phase is satisfactory, we would move on to the last E2. This last phase is carried out in the field with farmers who have problems with what we want to test. Once this entire process is completed, three pilot tests are carried out with the formulation and if they are positive, the product and the process are validated.

Innovation in the agri-food sector

At Durbán Agroline we have a long history in the industry, which allows us to have a broad vision of the production process, the analysis of problems and the detection of needs.

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